Steve Clark

Julius Chun – 담벼락 2013년 8월 22일

What are the trading rules you live by? & What is your philosophy about the markets? Steve Clark-
If you wake up thinking about a position, it’s too big. Never stop asking questions. Speak to as many people as you can. Research every opposing opinion. When everything lines up, you need to swing for it because in those situations, even if you are wrong, you probably won’t be wrong by that much. But if the position starts behaving in a way you don’t understand, you need to cut it because then you clearly don’t know what is going on. The market is telling you that you don’t know. The market is not about facts; it’s all about people’s opinions and positions. Consequently, anything can be at any price, any time. Once you understand that, you realize that you need to have protective stops.

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